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When you choose a company to carry out work in your home or workplace for the first time, you will definitely want to know a little bit more about their people before you make your choice – and it’s always good to put a face to a name. So, here we all are – cheesy grins and all.

James has been a part of ChemDry now for 11 years, joining his parents, and is as passionate as ever!
He is the youngest ever BDMA certified trained technician, and has held this impressive post since 2004.
To add to this, James was the youngest ever ChemDry franchise owner when he purchased his 1st franchise on his 18th birthday, only to be equalled by his sister, Sarah, 3 years later.
James is responsible for the day to day running of the business and when he can break himself away from his long-term relationship with his Blackberry, James loves holidaying and spending his spare time with his wife and son.
He drinks hot chocolate with 2 sugars and has a slight addiction to pepsi max!
James Rogers, Managing Director
BDMA Technician & ChemDry Fire, Water & 5 Star Trained.
Sarah joined the ChemDry family business in 2003 and has literally worked all of the way to the top.
She is the joint youngest ever ChemDry franchise owner, along with James, and is always happy to help with any queries. Sarah is responsible for the invoicing and credit control aspect of the business.
Sarah is a tea drinker, and her favourite is Earl Grey with 1 sugar.
When not at work, you’ll find Sarah helping out her family and friends, walking her doggie Alfie or cleaning – as she has a slight case of OCD (although she would never admit it!)
Sarah Rogers, Director
BDMA Technician & ChemDry Fire, Water & 5 Star Trained.
Stephanie is the latest of the family to join ChemDry, and has plenty of enthusiasm.
Stephanie has been brought in to further enhance the customer experience which includes managing the carpet and upholstery technicians, attending to all quotes and managing our brilliant new website!!
She has 1 and 3/4 sugars in both coffee and tea – but these are now decaf as she’s expecting her first baby on 9th December!
Stephanie is possibly our biggest PURT customer as she has a VERY naughty puppy at home – although he’s also very cute.
She likes to think of herself as the ‘brains of the family’, but i’m sure James would disagree.
Stephanie Rogers, Carpet & Upholstery Manager
‘The Mother Hen’
Helene has now worked in Chemdry for 12 years and left a successful nursing career to dedicate all of her time to making it a success.
The business was originally operating from her garage at home – and look at us now in a 10,000 square foot premises, with 11 members of staff.
Helene is responsible for the HR department of the company and also co-ordinates the technicians on major surge events such as Carlisle, Hull & Morpeth flooding and weather related claims on our fire 7 flood restoration side of the business.
She is an avid book reader and loves a cup of coffee – or 10. Helene is proud to say that she has 3 children now working along side her in the business – only 2 more to join.
Helene Rogers, Founding Co-owner & Company Secretary
BDMA Technician & ChemDry Fire, Water & 5 Star Trained
Margaret is often the first voice you’ll hear at the end of the phone, and is extremely efficient.
She is a former ChemDry franchise owner and has been in ChemDry since 1998 – she therefore has lot’s of experience and expertise to offer.
Margaret is responsible for the day to day managment of the fire & flood restoration business, which includes updating the policyholders, loss adjusters and insurance companies.
She loves spending her spare time talking long walks with her cherished dogs and family.
We’re all supporting Margaret at the moment as she is making a life-changing transition from vegetarian to vegan.
Margaret Marsh, Insurance Office Manager
Bsc(Hons) & BDMA Technician
Malcolm is a former ChemDry franchise owner, and has worked in ChemDry since 1999.
He is based in our Scottish Borders area – and sometimes we find it very difficult to understand his broad accent!
Malcolm is responsible for the managment of all jobs relating to Northumberland & Scottish Borders and works closely with James, Margaret & Stephanie on day to day business.
Often drinking too much coffee, nothing is ever a problem for Malcolm and he’s always happy to help and share his experience and knowlege.
Malcolm Foster, Area Manager
BDMA Technician & ChemDry Fire, Water & 5 Star Trained
Shaun started with the company on a casual basis in 2002 and was employed fully in 2005.
He used to play football for Sunderland as a school boy and signed a contract for Scarborough following secondary school before he joined ChemDry.
Shaun is a multi-purpose technician undertaking fire & flood restoration and carpet & upholstery cleaning.
He loves to go to the gym and often attends on his way to work, as well as playing football for a local team on Saturdays.
Shaun loves eating out and enjoys holidays!
Shaun Clarke, Technician
BDMA Associate Member & ChemDry Fire, Water & 5 Star Trained
Paul started with the company in 2005 following the Carlisle flooding.
He was in the Armed Forces for 22 years and reached the rank of Colour Sergeant, before working as a self employed building contractor.
Paul heads up our fire & flood restoration business and loves a big surge event to get his teeth into!!
In his spare time, he’s always gardening and fishing, but most of all cooking as he cooks a Sunday Roast for 15 people every weekend.
Paul also adds to the family as he is Helene’s older brother!
Paul Dixon, Technician
BDMA Technician & ChemDry Fire & Water Damage Trained
Steve joined the company in 2006.
Following 27 years at a chemical processing company, and running his own gardening business, he joined ChemDry for a career change and has never looked back.
Steve heads up our carpet and upholstery cleaning team and has developed close working relationships with leading commercial clients and his loyal regular domestic customers.
Steve loves his gardening and attends open shows with his leeks, onions, parsnips and carrots. He is currently a national judge who judges other contestants veg!
He drinks coffee and tea, both with no sugar – he’s sweet enough!
Steve Chambers, Technician
ChemDry 5 Star Trained.
John also started for us in 2006.
He has worked in various industries but wanted variety in his job so joined the ChemDry team.
John assists Paul on our fire & flood restoration side, but also occasionally will help out with carpet and upholstery cleaning if required.
John enjoys the gym and also joins Shaun on his morning session before work. His hobbies also include walking and going to the pictures to see a good film!
John Sutcliffe, Technician
BDMA Associate Member & ChemDry Fire, Water & 5 Star Trained
Jan joined us newly in 2010.
Following successful spells with local cleaning companies, Jan was appointed as our fire & flood restoration ‘cleaning’ technician.
Jan is based in our unit undertaking cleaning work on both water and fire damaged contents, but she also ventures out to undertake building cleans when needed.
She works closely with Malcolm, Paul, Shaun & John.
Jan Wallace, Technician
The newest recruit!!
Sean has joined us following a successful career within the carpet selling trade, and has a wealth of knowlege of carpet fibres and construction.
He has been employed to expand our commercial database and assist Steve to service our commercial and domestic database.
Sean has now passed his ChemDry training and in his spare time he enjoys socialising and spending time with his fiance and daughter.
Sean Rooney, Technician
ChemDry 5 Star Trained.


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